Reservation phone :

With a prescription from a urologist
Ladies: Every Sunday
Gentlemen : Every day of the week except Sundays and Thursdays

Unit physicians:

  •  Dr. Mehrdad Mohammadi
  •  Dr. Zargham

Eurodynamics Unit

Using this device, a urodynamic test or bladder strip is taken, during which the speed of urination, bladder capacity and the health of the bladder and its sphincters are determined. This test is clinically useful for determining and diagnosing neurogenic (neural) bladders, types of urinary incontinence, duct narrowing and problems related to prostate enlargement, and causes of urinary reflux (reflux) in children. One of the most advanced Eurodynamic devices with the ability to show all the parameters of this test in color has been used in Ordibehesht Surgery Center.
 This unit is located on the second floor of the specialized and sub-specialized center of Ordibehesht center.