Rigi Scan & Rehabilitation Unit

Rigi Scan is the most well-known and reliable device that helps diagnose the cause of male impotence.
One of the important applications of this device is in cases where due to legal problems, a person needs to prove his sexual ability or proof of impotence.
Rigi Scan – Plus2 is the most advanced Rigi scan available in Ordibehesht Surgery Center.


This device is used to change the neural function of the pelvic network in order to correct and treat the function of these organs. The electric currents applied to the patient’s body by this device will strengthen the sphincter contractions (to treat urinary incontinence), reduce the irritability of the pelvic floor muscles (to treat chronic pelvic pain) and improve urinary disorders. This device, from which no complication has been recorded, is a suitable alternative to sacral neuromodulation, in which the flow of electricity in the viscera and pelvic muscles was changed by the entry of a metal wire.