why us?

The efforts of Ordibehesht specialized and sub-specialized center are always the complete satisfaction of patients and patients, as well as cooperation with the best specialists and doctors in Isfahan is one of the advantages of this medical center.

Ordibehesht specialized and sub-specialized surgery center has been built and equipped according to the latest standards of medical centers
    >Standard rooms – in all parts of the center
    >24-hour medical service – the best specialists
    >Organizational Management – Transparent relationships with staff and patients and patient companions
    >in the shortest possible time – Provide high quality health care
    >Convenient location – convenient and easy access to the center for patients


The doctors and human resources of this center use professional knowledge, skills and culture-friendly behavior to strive for its growth and excellence.


We always welcome constructive suggestions and criticisms from patients, their families and staff in the process of improving and growing the Ordibehesht Center.


Providing safe services by observing the standards and using up-to-date equipment and facilities and a patient-centered expert staff is its mission

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