general information


please pay attention:

Visiting hours from 15:00 to ….

  • Please refer to the discharge unit for information about the cost of hospitalization before deciding to be hospitalized.
  • Please be aware of the admission costs of your supplementary insurance.
  • The patient and his companion are responsible for the maintenance of valuables. Avoid bringing valuables as much as possible.
  • Patient admission is done by face-to-face referral and presentation of hospitalization order and valid identification document.
  • If you do not have a doctor’s order for hospitalization (with telephone coordination of the treating physician) and after the approval of the relevant doctor, this is possible.
  • Admission to the hospital is from 6:30 am to 7 pm through the central admission unit located on the ground floor
    • Photocopy of the latest test, ultrasound and pathology and …..
    • Photocopy of patient booklet photo page (2 series)
    • Photocopy of hospitalization order (2 series)
    • Submit a supplementary insurance letter of recommendation, preferably at the time of admission or finally before the patient is discharged
    • In the reception of children, the presence of a legal guardian and a photocopy of the father’s identity card is mandatory.
    • All surgeries for people under 18 years of age are performed only with a birth certificate and the presence of the father.
    • Women’s beauty practices for married people, the presence of a spouse and a birth certificate is required, and for single people, the presence of first-class people (parents) with a birth certificate is mandatory.
  • The patient receives and completes the admission form by submitting the above documents
  • The patient identification bracelet is opened by the reception staff at the time of admission and at the time of discharge and departure of the patient from the ward by the ward nurse.
  • The patient is referred to the relevant ward by the services of the admission department
  • The accompanying cost is 55,000 Tomans
  • Each patient can only have one companion.
  • Please be present in the ward for the female patient with the female and for the male patient with the male.
  • Meetings are strictly forbidden from 9 pm onwards
  • Mobile cost necessarily means having a mobile, even if the mobile is not present at night for any reason, the mobile cost will be calculated
  • The accompanying cost is not separate from the cost of food (breakfast, lunch and dinner). If you do not eat each meal will not be deducted from the accompanying cost
  • In order to protect the rights of other patients, observe the rules prohibiting smoking in rooms and public places. Smoking is prohibited in all parts of hospitals, toilets, corridors, etc.
  • Boiling water, tea, etc. are available 24 hours a day in each section.